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18 Websites To Earn Money Writing

If you’re interested in finding ways to earn money by writing posts, articles from the comfort of your house, you’ll love this list!

From money, food to health you can literally write about anything

This is the best method to earn money quickly and it will give you the courage to choose freelance writing as your profession.

Find Posts on the topics before you submit your 1st draft for acceptance.

As an instance, say you want to compose an article on “Making Money as a mother” — make it educational, instead of a personal narrative. So rather than just speaking about your struggle finding a work from home job, enter particulars like write how much one can earn, what she has to do, and so on. In this manner, they’re receiving the complete information & your post are more inclined to be approved for publication.

Keep in mind, it is not about how lengthy the articles are, but it is how valuable they are to your readers.

Before submitting your draft find articles on the subjects you are writing.

Additionally, be certain that you check their site & read previous posts which were submitted by other authors. This approach will help you understand the sort of posts that click with their readers.

They might be seeking tutorials, list-based articles, or straightforward posts or easy to follow hints.


Christian magazine, Clubhouse assists children to learn religion by giving stories & educational content. You can get paid $200 or more for Fiction Stories and $150 or more for non-fictional stories.


If you like to write about food or recipes you’ll love Cooking detective! You can get money for writing review posts on kitchen appliances and gadgets. You can get as much as $160 for an article and the money is sent through PayPal! Review posts will require to be written with reference to a recipe, food, & nutrition. On their site,there’s an email id where you can send your pitch.

3.Health & Wellness

With Eating well,You can make around $1/word for a post you write for them. Its a journal about recipes, educative nourishment and science-based path to healthful living. If you want to write about it and if it is suitable for you, go forward and join them because they have more than 850k readers! You can apply via the email id given on their website.


If you want to write list based posts you should checkout Listverse, it pays you around $100 for a article even when you are a beginner. You simply have to incorporate a little bit of humor in your article and you should have a passion to compose matters which are unusual and intriguing. An excellent way to begin your writing career.

Wonders list , Much like listverse they are finding people who can write list-based posts which are exceptional and are factual, they will pay you through Paypal. They’ve mentioned an email id where you can send your pitch.


Money pantry: This website pays between $30- $150 per article. They take accept articles from anyone even if you’re just a beginner. If you are interested in writing unique articles about making money or money-saving, you should consider Money Pantry. The article has to be at least 650 words.

Penny Hoarder: If you are aware of making money online, personal finance blogging niche you most probably know this site. With a lot of readers, you’ll be gaining visibility in front of a lot people and you will get money to do this. They have not mentioned the payment amounts on the site, but the editor will examine this according to your article. They’ve an online contribution form for you to submit your post.

Income Diary: In case you know about SEO this site pays around $200-$500 per post. Different niches accepted are social networking advertising and saving money. You could even opt to write on how to raise blog traffic, website designing etc.

Money Crashers: This site is based on the personal finance niche and are looking to get 2,900+ words articles on investment, cash management, retirement planning, etc. They pay via direct deposit or Paypal every month.

6.Parenting They need posts on a vast array of well researched and thought out subjects. They’ve gathered posts tha were published earlier and have worked nicely, to provide you with an awareness of what they’re interested in. They pay around $60- $160 per article.

The website Freelance mom is looking for thoroughly researched, insightful post about parenting that can benefit the viewers. The article should be at least 1000-1700 words long. They pay around $75 –$100 per post.

If you want to write posts which have a length of 900- 2900 words about how- to’s, interviews or roundups which will be of advantage to fellow writers you should consider Wow! Women on Writing . Payment is made through PayPal either $50 or $75 according to the article.

If you are looking for a family oriented website to write on topics such as parenting, children, religion you should consider Her view from home . The posts should be between 700-900 words. Payment is made through PayPal depending on the number of views your article obtain.

A fine parent The website is looking for personal anecdote and  list of lessons learnt . They Pay around $75 per article, you really should not miss this opportunity!

Just parents: is a parenting website from the united kingdom. They take submissions via their contact form and You’ll be paid through PayPal in 24hrs of the post being accepted.

If you reside in the united kingdom, Green parent based out of united kingdom is accepting guest article within 1,400 to 2,100 words. They’ve a more than 100,000 plus reader they give £75 for every 1000 words!

If you want a lot of choices to pick from in the parenting niche you should consider Metro-Parent. Payment differs depending on the kind of post, the number of words & on the knowledge of the author.


Great Escape Publishing: Is about posts on getting paid to travel if its to do with photography or writing. They pay upto $200 it depends on the article you write,& how valuable it is to the readers.

Points to consider before applying:

Register for a PayPal account. It is totally free to register and is rather straightforward procedure.

Ensure That Your article is — unique, Something which will help the reader,

Be positive, keep trying and do not stop trying.

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